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Zenfide combines relevant skills and business goals to build tailored learning programs for L&D teams, enabling them to train and upskill at scale and pace.

What We Do

Elevate your organisation’s culture, growth and retention with our services

Building Learning Experiences

To align learning goals with business objectives, we create experiences by following a structured process and integrating them into mental models and relevant learning techniques.

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Skills For Your Teams

First-time Managers

Experienced leaders

Young Professionals

Client-facing teams

Freelancers/ Contributors

Upskilling Programs



Aligning learning goals with business objectives makes the skill- building process relevant and adds value to the growth process.



Identifying skill gaps is vital to kickstart the creation of relevant learning programs.



Track learners’ progress, their strengths, and areas for Improvement.

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Learning Videos



Provide your learners with tallored learning experiences and content that align with their requirements and organisational goals.



Develop learning content and videos with subject matter experts to deliver the right Information using the most effective methods.

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Professionals Upskilled and Updated

Zenfide is a learning platform that supports businesses in amplifying their revenue and growth process.

Our skill-first approach enables businesses to develop the right skills for their teams at the right time. Our learning programs are complemented with learning kits, effective nudges, and opportunities to practise the acquired skills.

Zenfide’s Learning Impact

92% Retention

69% Consistency

80% Attention

70% Skill Growth

What Admins Say

The session’s content was engaging and well-structured. The topics covered were relevant to our work, and the information presented was clear and concise. I particularly enjoyed how the session incorporated real-life examples and practical tips, making applying the concepts in our daily tasks easier. Overall, this communication session was a valuable investment for our company. I genuinely appreciate the effort and thought that went into organising this session.

What Learners Say

Zenfide’s expertise in creating engaging and informative skill development modules and videos surpassed our expectations. The exceptional support and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction were remarkable. The learning programme developed by Zenfide has had a profound impact on the creator community at Pepper Content.


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