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Get Your Workspace and Culture Ready for 2024

2024 is right around the corner and with the shifting trends, upcoming approaches- employee management, work culture, retention and upskilling have become vital for contemporary workspaces.

To boost your culture and in turn productivity and performance- our Guide to 2024 is here. It is a collection of resources at your fingertips to provide the right tools and methods to your teams.


How to be a manager for the first time: Ultimate Guide

Building managerial skills
According to Gallup, 70% of a team’s engagement is influenced by managers, and engaged employees are directly linked to the growth and success of organizations. Learn more about how to set pace as managers in your teams.


Working with others can be a valuable skill for teams

Working with others

People and culture play a pivotal role in driving the success of any product or service and achieving the business goals. Collaboration and teamwork enable organisations to build a clear communication and trust culture. Learn more about the skill and how to build this.


A Comprehensive Guide to Behavioural Skills and Training for Team Growth

Skills for workplace for 2024

A surefire way to ensure consistent growth from your team is to invest in and build their foundational qualities, with the most important of them being behavioural skills. Learn more behavioural skills and how to foster them for your workforce.


How Can The Pareto Principle Help You Do More In Less Time


We all have 24 hours a day, but it often feels like some people are better at maximising every minute of their day than others. What sets them apart? The key advantage these individuals possess is their effective time management and focus on MITs (Most Important Tasks). The Pareto Principle is an effective management tool for the same.


Why is resilience important for a workplace?

Resilience in workplace
Research has shown that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning, not only for children but also for adults in the workplace. Particular virtues enhance the capabilities of businesses and employees to deal with challenges and adverse situations. Resilience is one such virtue and skill.


 Why are Power Skills important?

Power skills

Power skills, also known as soft skills, are significant for workplace success. However, in the post-pandemic era, the value and significance of these skills have grown due to shifts in work culture, patterns, and habits.
According to Deloitte Access Economics, two-thirds of jobs are projected to require soft skills by 2030. The demand for job roles is evolving rapidly, necessitating organisations to adapt and grow swiftly.


Design Thinking as a Problem-Solving Tool

Design thinking
Problem-solving not only enables a professional to handle difficult or unexpected situations. Also, brings a fresh perspective, better response to challenges, anticipates risks and makes informed decisions.
Problem-solving not just improves communication but also management. For this, design thinking is an effective tool for identifying, comprehending and managing situations.


The Power of Communication in the Workplace

Communication as a power skill
A study states that miscommunication costs businesses with at least 100 employees, approximately $420,000 or more a year on average. The same goes with clients and stakeholders who are connected to a business. Communication is life and real skill, integral to relationships, opportunities, and operational efficiency.


Leadership Skills To Build

Leadership skills to build and boost

Leadership is an interesting and integral phenomenon for a community, organisation and team to thrive. It not only directs the company’s vision but also builds resilient and capable teams and individuals.


The Invincible Impact of Storytelling at Work

Storytelling at workplace
Good storytelling is not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is of the people who ace in their professional life. Whether you run a business or service, are a salaried employee or freelance, or are in a leadership position or intern, your storytelling skills will greatly define the trajectory of your professional journey.

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